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Pay Per Click Service

A Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign is a form of online marketing that aims to attract visitors to a website through the display of an advertisement (advert) in the sponsored listings of a search engine's results pages.

These adverts are dynamically generated by the "keywords" (which can be words or phrases) entered into a search engine (ie: Google™ and others), by the user as they attempt to find information or products. These keywords, which are also referred to as search terms, are the very foundation of a pay per click advertising campaign.

The position of these adverts in relation to the top of a search engines results page is governed by the bid amount on that particular keyword/phrase by the advertiser. Google™ is one of the only exceptions, because the click-through rate of each advert is also taken into account.

Pay Per Click Costs

As the name suggests, advertisers pay for a click to a site whether or not the click converts into a sale. Therefore it is vital that a PPC campaign be expertly managed from the start, with only the most appropriate keywords chosen to avoid bidding on unnecessary and expensive keywords, which are unlikely to result in the desired outcome.

Scusi Media has much experience along with access to specialist keyword, observational, and monitoring software to cost-effectively develop your keyword strategies.

Talk to us if you feel that your company could benefit from an instant increase in visitors that a well managed PPC campaign will be able to direct to your website.

Scusi Media's team will show you that by adding PPC marketing to your marketing plan, you will be greatly enhancing your web exposure and assist in achieveing your marketing goals, which was the reason you went on-line in the first place.

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