Scusi Media. Did you know that "Scusi" is Italian for "excuse me!"

High Impact Internet Marketing

The Scusi team is comprised of a group of online marketing strategists, web designers and good old fashioned sales people with many years of marketing experience. The team shares a desire to develop a fresh, innovative, highly directional approach to online marketing.

Simply put, our primary aim is to build your business at a cost that makes it good business sense to work with us long term.

We Can Sell Your Product Online

We are currently looking to partner with individuals and companies who have great products but need help bringing them to the online market.

We have developed a simple, flexible system which will enable you to handle what you have expertise at i.e. meeting the demand for the orders we will generate for you. We will take responsibility for providing and marketing an online e-commerce platform in order to obtain those orders. This collaboration of skills is sure to benefit both parties.

Take a look at our latest Kitchen Appliance Site.

Please feel free to contact us for an informal chat about partnering with us to meet your marketing needs.

Did you know that "Scusi" is Italian for "excuse me!"

Other Marketing Services

It is company policy to keep our pricing structures transparent and uncomplicated, with simple website building from as little as £600, and where possible, all marketing is based on a commission-only price structure.

Affiliate marketing is our specialty and we already direct vast amounts of traffic to the websites of many prominent companies including RAC and Boots, and we have been responsible for generating online visibility which has led to sales increases, new revenue streams, and online brand recognition for the businesses we are partnered with.

We are as comfortable working with corporate clients as we are with individuals who want to find out what marketing their business online can do for them. Contact us for a confidential, informal chat and let us see how we can help build your online business.
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